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Reintroduction of Partula snails


Reintroduction of Partula snails
The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) or Edinburgh Zoo has been cultivating various partula snails since 1984. Many of these species are extinct in the wild, but luckily some species are successfully grown in zoos.

In September, animals from five species were again sent to French Polynesia where they are released into the wild. Partula affinis went to Tahiti, Partula mooreana, Partula suturalis vexillum, Partula tohiveana and Partula taeniata simulans to the island of Mooreana.
Meanwhile, the first animals of this reintroduction have already been born and hopefully a viable population can be built up again.

For Partula taeniata simulans, the time came when the RZSS got the very last specimen (in a zoo, but is probably extinct in the wild) in 2010. Fortunately, the animal was already fertilized and young were born. Meanwhile, there are again several hundred animals.

The breeding program for the different Partulas snails is coordinated by ZSL London Zoo and includes 17 species grown in 16 zoos from all over the world.