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Construction of a paludarium

Terraria After the move of some aquariums (after the death of almost my entire colony of Turaja snails), space became available to place some paludariums. Paludarium may not be the correct term because I want to keep the water level very low (otherwise snails can drown in it). These paludariums were self-built to match my other terrariums and also to make the best use of the available space.


n order to be able to build the paludariums of 90 cm wide by 50 cm deep and 50 cm high, I had a concrete plex sheet cut to the correct dimensions. This is easier than wanting to do this yourself.

Terraria Two concrete plywood parts form the bottom and the back wall. The other sides are made of glass.
Terraria To make it fit in with the rest of my terrariums, a wooden frame was made.
Terraria The back wall is attached and the wooden frame is further finished.
Terraria Since the paludarium consists of two parts, a wooden beam was also provided in the middle of the frame.
Terraria At the top, the strips for the ventilation are already provided.

Varnish with a dark oak color was used to finish the wooden frame. The glass was then placed.

Terraria The separation between the water part and the land part consists of a low glass plate of 8 cm.
Terraria After a test period to see if it is watertight, strips were cut from a surplus of a terrarium back panel plate and glued to this glass plate.
Terraria The furnishing can begin. A heating cable provides the heating.
Terraria Some extra plants that hopefully grow quickly.
Terraria The whole after the plants have already grown a bit. Lighting was not yet provided at that time. Meanwhile, LED lighting has been added.


Plants and snails do not always go well together. Therefore, care was taken to ensure that the residents do not rush too much on the plants. That is why we opted for Caracolus excelles and some offspring Pseudachatina leaiana. Both like to have a humid environment and the water area and the plants do this well.

Terraria Caracolus excellens
Terraria Pseudachatina leaiana